Criminal Justice Reform

End no-knock warrants

We’ve witnessed the tragedies of no-knock warrants and their disproportionate application on Black communities. In 2020, we heard the tragedy of Breonna Taylor - a paramedic murdered while sleeping in her own home by Louisville, KY police. Recently, on February 2, 2022, Amir Locke was murdered as Minneapolis police executed a no-knock warrant. He was also sleeping. Neither Breonna nor Amir were suspects or listed in the warrant.

No-knock warrants are unsafe for everyone. The New York Times found that 81 civilians and 13 officers died within the span of six years and, in Louisville, a report revealed 82% of no-knock warrants targeted Black suspects.

Amend the 13th amendment

Though the 13th am abolished slavery, its loophole allowed slavery to continue “as punishment for crime.” This loophole had been abused since the amendment was ratified in 1865 and incentivized convictions of petty crimes to increase the availability of prison labor.


Southern states began to convict freedmen for loitering and vagrancy and leasing out their work. In fact, by 1898, leased prison labor accounted for 73% of Alabama’s state revenue.

  • Ban private prisons

  • End cash bail

  • Legalize cannabis federally