No More Buying Politicians

No matter what our policy priorities are, getting money out of the political process is step number one. Our electoral process has been tainted by the overwhelming influence money plays in determining which candidates are elected and how they legislate once in office. 


It’s a cycle that undermines our progress on issue after issue: corporations fund their preferred candidates and those candidates legislate on behalf of the corporation’s interest. This isn’t speculative. The ExxonMobil PAC, for example, explicitly describes how they determine to which candidates they donate: “Before giving to any political candidate [we have] a robust process to assess the candidate’s platform, prior voting record, and consistency with the company’s priorities.”Needless to say, climate mitigation is at odds with the oil industry and their unrestricted ability to fund candidates to maintain their interests severely undermines our chances of avoiding catastrophic climate change. 


Whether you're most concerned with healthcare, education, climate protection, there is an industry working against you. How can we trust our representatives to work for our interests while also accepting money from corporations whose interests are often at odds with our own? Corporations shouldn’t be allowed to buy politicians.

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