Support our Healthcare Workers

Nurses were treated horribly during the pandemic. They fought for safe staffing minimums and begged for adequate PPE. The CDC told them to make their own masks if they don’t have one.
This is juxtaposed by hospital systems that received more than $5B in federal assistance while having $100B in cash.

This stress has contributed to nurses joining the Great Resignation, but the interesting thing is some took jobs with temp agencies and were contracted by the hospitals where they were previously employed - on their own terms for far better pay.

A group of legislators is trying to dilute this leverage and asked the federal government to investigate the increased prices: “This situation is urgent and the reliance on temporary workers has caused normal staffing costs to balloon….Hospitals have no choice but to pay these exorbitant rates because of the dire workforce needs facing hospitals around the country.”

Donald Norcross signed this letter.

The reality is the hospitals contributed to this problem. Many are operating like Fortune 500 companies and doing everything they can to maximize profits - even non-profit hospitals. Hospital executives are making millions and hospital systems are investing in off-shore accounts literally mentioned in the Panama Papers.

What I find most troubling is Donald Norcross is willing to act so swiftly to protect the interests of the American Hospital Association, one of his campaign donors, but is absent from the legislation that would actually provide relief for our nurses. If Norcross wanted to support our nurses, he'd be supporting H.R. 3165, which would guarantee safe nurse staffing ratios. His name is absent from this bill.